About EDSIE groups


EDSIE is Eating Disorder Support for the Inland Empire.  EDSIE’s mission is to provide support, hope and education in a community support group for those who have or currently are personally experiencing an eating disorder as well as those who have a loved one who has experienced and eating disorder. . 

The support group is held the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 6:30pm-7:30pm at Claremont United Church of Christ Congregational, 233 Harrison Ave, Claremont, CA 91711; Library or room 201b.

Generally, we expect to have one “Speaker” meeting and one regular support group meeting each month.   We anticipate groups will be approximately every other week and we intend to post the schedule in the calendar and on instagram well in advance.

EDSIE is a not-for-profit support group and asks for a small suggested donation from attendees. Proceeds go toward providing treatment scholarships for individuals whose financial situation precludes them from being able to afford treatment for their eating disorder.   Scholarship funds are not restricted to any specific eating disorder treatment facility or individual professional.

Speaker Meeting Support Group Format:  Speakers are asked to bring their own expertise derived from personal and/or professional experience to share with attendees on a topic designed to promote the mission.   The topics can be as varied as an exposition on one’s own journey of recovery, to a detailed discussion on the fundamentals of intuitive eating, to the neuroscience of mindfulness, to discussion of the role of trauma in the development of an eating disorder. These are just examples to show that we want to include everyone we can and to provide as much interesting (as well as accurate!!) content as possible. Speakers will present for approximately 30-45 minutes, then stay for questions and to be part of the support group discussion afterward—not in a professional capacity, but rather from the standpoint of someone who has experience with eating disorders, whether personally or professionally.

Please note: EDSIE groups are not therapy groups, they are support groups with the intention to provide support, to connect attendees with each other, and to various resources (including therapists and treatment centers).